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Macroeconomic Trends/Supply Chain Deployment
Update time: 2023/11/15
Macroeconomic Trends/Supply Chain Deployment
Topic: Samsung Electronics' Strategic Deployment in Southeast Asia and India
  • Samsung's Southeast Asia Deployment
  • Samsung's India Deployment
  • Samsung's IT Industry Cluster in India
  • Samsung's IT Industry Cluster in Southeast Asia
  • Conclusion: The Reality and Illusion of Samsung's Distributed Supply Chain
Topic: Renewable Energy's Opportunities Amid Energy Transformation
  • International Energy Development Trends and Latest Domestic and International Regulations
  • Short-term Green Energy Opportunity: Energy Storage Industry
  • International Energy Storage Market and Application Trends
  • Emerging Technology Choices for Energy Storage Batteries
  • Opportunities in the Energy Storage Industry Supply Chain and Development Models of Major Taiwanese Players
  • Mid-to-long-term Green Energy Opportunity: Hydrogen Industry
  • Global Hydrogen Industry Policies and Driving Models
  • Potential Business Opportunities in the Hydrogen Industry Chain
  • Conclusion
Semiconductor Industry
Topic: Automotive Semiconductor Market and Industry Trends
  • Semiconductors in cars
  • Characteristics of the Automotive Semiconductor Industry
  • Major Suppliers and Trends of Automotive Semiconductors
  • Market Growth Drivers (I) Electrification
  • Market Growth Drivers (II) Smart Cockpit
  • Market Growth Drivers (III) ADAS/AD
  • Conclusion
Topic: Global Wafer Foundry Industry 2024 Landscape
  • 2024 Global Wafer Foundry Supply and Demand Analysis
  • 2024 Global Wafer Foundry Business Outlook
  • 2024 Wafer Foundry Deployment and Trends
  • 2024 Key Subjects over Wafer Foundry
  • Conclusion
Topic: Global Semiconductor Industry and Market Highlights in 2024
  • Latest Developments and Trends in the Semiconductor Industry
  • Monitoring of 6 Major Semiconductor Application Directions Exploration of Three Major Spotlights In The Semiconductor industry and market in 2024
    1. High-Performance Computing (HPC) Related Chips
    2. Automotive-related Chips
    3. Internet of Things (IoT) Related Chips
  • Conclusion
Topic: Business Potential of Third-Generation Semiconductors (GaN, SiC)
  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) Characteristics
  • Opportunities of GaN in Power Electronics Applications
  • Opportunities of GaN in RF/Microwave Applications
  • Opportunities of SiC in Power Electronics Applications
  • Conclusion
Topic: AI Chip Development Trends Amidst Large Language Model Fad
  • From Analytical AI to Generative AI
  • Generative AI and the Evolution of Chip Design
  • Deployment of and Co-opetition Relationships among Chip Suppliers
  • Conclusion
Topic: AI Server Market Development and Industry Trends
  • Generative AI and the Rise of LLM Applications: Opportunities and Challenges for Cloud Services
  • Overview of Major CSP/Brand Investments in AI Servers
  • Global AI Server Shipments and Forecasts By Type
  • Key AI Server Supply Chain and Material Supply Analysis
  • Conclusion
Topic: B5G and LEO Satellite Communication Development Key Subject Breakdown
  • Introduction to Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)
  • Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Communication
  • HAPS
  • Key to Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Communication Development From Successor Experience
  • Japan's Domestic Satellite Network Deployment Plan and Industry Development
  • Applications such as Defense, Communications, etc.
  • Introduction to Small Satellites from Startups
  • LEO Services Plans by KDDI, SoftBank, Rakuten Mobile, etc.
  • South Korea's Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Communication Plan and Industry Development
  • South Korea's Satellite Industry Development Plan
  • Satellite Industry-Related Players
  • Conclusion
Topic: ASEAN and India Automotive Industry Status and EV Business Outlook
  • Global Electric Vehicle Market Current Status and Future Trends
  • ASEAN Auto Industry Current Status and Electric Vehicle Market Analysis
  • India's Auto Industry Current Status and Electric Vehicle Market Analysis
  • Conclusion