Friday 19 July 2024
The return of a US-China trade war? Q&A with political economist June Park
Global stock markets tumbled the day after news about US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's accusation about Taiwan taking the chip business from the United States and that he would impose 60% tariffs on goods from China and 10% on all goods from other countries
Tuesday 16 July 2024
Granted one more chance by SoftBank, focus is now on Graphcore's future operational strategy
With the current boom of generative AI, British AI chip unicorn Graphcore should've enjoyed the dividends from AI. Instead, it found itself struggling
Friday 12 July 2024
Potential trade war as China prepares countermeasures against EU tariffs on EVs
The European Union has announced additional tariffs of up to 38.1% on electric vehicles from China
Thursday 11 July 2024
Canadian robotic company Mecademic sees 50% CAGR in Asia-Pacific automation markets
Mecademic Industrial Robotics, a leader in micro-automation, is set to expand its presence in the high-growth medical devices and electronics markets, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region
Tuesday 9 July 2024
Largan navigates AI challenges, diversifies portfolio amid shifting smartphone lens market
Largan Precision, a leading smartphone lens manufacturer, is facing challenges due to the increasing influence of AI in the smartphone market and its impact on talent recruitment in the semiconductor industry
Monday 8 July 2024
TSMC's CoWoS innovator honored as Academia Sinica Academician in Taiwan
The 34th Academia Sinica academician and honorary academician election recently welcomed 28 new members, including Douglas Yu, Vice President of Pathfinding for System Integration at TSMC. Yu's selection recognizes his expertise in advanced semiconductor processes and heterogeneous system integration
Monday 8 July 2024
Innolux's transformation journey: from display panel to advanced semiconductor packaging
Innolux Corporation, a leading display panel manufacturer, is undergoing a significant transformation as it ventures into the semiconductor field with its Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP) technology. The company is closing its generation 5.5 TFT-LCD plant and has garnered attention due to its collaboration with TSMC on FOPLP development and potential interest from Micron Technology in acquiring the aforementioned plant
Monday 8 July 2024
Silizium Circuits achieves milestone with TSMC, plans further semiconductor innovations
Indian semiconductor startup Silizium Circuits is a promising company receiving support from the Taiwan government and stationed at the Tainan site of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA-South), looking to deepen its network and build partnerships in the local semiconductor ecosystem
Wednesday 3 July 2024
Global demand's 18x growth for semiconductor talent outpaces Taiwan's supply: Burn-Jeng Lin
Despite increasing numbers of graduates from electrical engineering, electronics, and optoelectronics programs trained by six universities joining the industry, Taiwan still faces a severe talent shortage
Wednesday 3 July 2024
Reining in GenAI's potential damage to the world: safety measures and chip upgrades
The 35th Academician Conference of Academia Sinica continued on July 2, featuring a keynote speech by Bill Gates Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Harvard University, H. T. Kung. In his speech "Embracing Generative AI", Kung highlighted the potential and risks of generative AI (GenAI), sparking widespread discussion
Tuesday 2 July 2024
Taiwan's leadership in chip manufacturing may not last forever: Father of FinFET
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is a pure-play foundry that has been enjoying leadership status in the advanced semiconductor manufacturing market in the world
Friday 28 June 2024
SiFive seizes opportunity in embedded solutions, seeing robust RISC-V growth
SiFive is seeing the golden opportunity to grow RISC-V adoption in the embedded solutions IP market while its competitor voluntarily retreats from the market
Monday 24 June 2024
Intel Foundry's 3nm process is catching up fast, should Samsung worry about it?
Samsung and Intel are trying to overtake TSMC, but TSMC chairman C. C. Wei's answer to that challenge is: "No way!"
Friday 21 June 2024
RISC-V's rapid growth and hurdles ahead: US-China tech tensions and ecosystem fragmentation
RISC-V, an open standard instruction set architecture, has garnered global attention due to its royalty-free nature and adaptability for custom hardware development
Friday 21 June 2024
From Brussels to the world: EU AI Act advisor on shaping the future of AI regulation
On March 13, 2024, the European Parliament announced the passage of the "AI Act," a landmark piece of legislation set to be implemented in phases starting in mid-2025.
Wednesday 19 June 2024
Optical processors: UK startup Lumai revolutionizes AI compute stack for next-level performance
Lumai, a spin out from the University of Oxford, was founded by a team with expertise in optics over two years ago, aiming to develop a new type of AI processor