Jul 19, 10:44
Huawei sues MediaTek in potential shift to IC design house patent licensing
MediaTek has issued a statement confirming that Huawei has filed a lawsuit against the company. This legal action may indicate a significant shift in Huawei's approach to patent licensing.
Following the Acer-Indkal Technologies partnership in the smartphone market, Acer CEO Jason Chen clarified that Acer is not re-entering the smartphone market.
Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and SK Telecom (SKT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate over the next two years on developing next-generation networks, including 6G. This partnership is expected to enhance network performance and security, improve customer experience, and drive innovation in the telecommunications industry.
Acer made a bold move by partnering with India-based Indkal Technologies to re-enter the smartphone market. Acer's strategic focus is on harnessing India's potential rather than solely concentrating on the highly competitive smartphone market.
The worldwide smartphone market experienced a 12% increase in shipments during the second quarter of 2024, reaching a total of 288 million devices, according to Canalys. This marks the third consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth.
Global 5G user numbers continue to grow strongly, with population coverage gradually expanding and simultaneously boosting 5G Stand-alone (SA) deployment. Ericsson predicts that nearly 600 million new users will be added in 2024, and by the end of 2029, the number of 5G users will have grown significantly to nearly 5.6 billion.
The US government blacklisting of Huawei crippled its smartphone business.
Chinese smartphone vendor Transsion quietly emerged as China's second-largest supplier by global handset shipments, just behind Xiaomi, in the first quarter of 2024.
Oppo has launched its new AI smartphone series, aimed at the entry-level and midrange categories, to become the industry leader in inexpensive AI smartphones.
Four years into Taiwan's 5G era, which began on June 30, 2020, with Chunghwa Telecom's launch, the industry faces a sobering reality. Despite high expectations for 5G to revolutionize consumer and enterprise sectors, the results have fallen short.
Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Transsion, an emerging China-based smartphone giant, in India, alleging unauthorized use of Qualcomm's patented technologies. This legal action highlights the intensifying competition among leading mobile application processor (AP) providers and underscores Transsion's successful strategy in emerging markets.
Huawei Technologies has completed the construction of its largest research and development (R&D) center, the Huawei Lianqiu Lake R&D Center, in Shanghai's Qingpu District.