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DIGITIMES Research is your dedicated partner in navigating the intricate world of global IT development and innovation. We specialize in providing profound insights into global IT supply chain trends and competition, catering to the discerning needs of industry professionals.
  • Specialized Expertise: Our team of experts is committed to analyzing critical market and industry trends, economic fluctuations, product and technology directions, and major operational strategies within the global IT arena.
  • Comprehensive Industry Insights: We offer a comprehensive view of the industry, spanning from the inception of tech products to their market deployment. Our insights are meticulously organized into eight key channels within our Report Databases: Servers, IC Manufacturing, IDM & Fabless, AIoT, Notebooks, Smart Devices, Vehicle Tech and Asia Supply Chain.
  • Data-Driven Analysis: Each channel delivers detailed reports and data trackers, enabling you to closely monitor quarterly shipments from key brand vendors and their Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs).
  • In-Depth Industry Breakdowns: Dive into detailed breakdowns within each industry, including criteria such as shipments by technology, market share by customers, and orders placed with manufacturers.
TechStats Database: Our TechStats Database serves as a comprehensive repository, presenting data and relationships through graphs and tables. It is continually updated, amassing data from various research services for easy access.
Special Analysis Reports: Beyond channel-based offerings, we provide Special Analysis Reports, each offering in-depth insights into trending and critical industry topics. These reports, valued for their content and depth, are available for individual purchase.
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TechStats is an industrial database, that presents data and its relationships via graphs and tables. This comprehensive database is regularly updated, continuously amassing a diverse set of data from various research services for easy retrieval. It enables users to thoroughly understand key data, including global shipment volumes, production values, and revenues of major manufacturers, thereby quickly grasping essential data insights for decision-making processes.
IDM & Fabless
Smart Devices
Vehicle Tech
Asia Supply Chain
With the widespread adoption of cloud computing services, the demand for servers has surged dramatically, especially in the data center realm. Taiwanese manufacturers play a pivotal role in this shift, satisfying about 90% of global server demands each quarter. They supply products not only to mainstream server brands like HP and Dell but also have become indispensable parts of the supply chain for tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Taiwan's Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) directly provide these internet behemoths with customized server products.

The Servers Report is tailored for individuals keen on global server shipment statistics, offering insights from product, market, technology, and application perspectives. It delves deep into AI Server analysis, encompassing: the latest quarterly data on global and Taiwanese server shipments, shipment data from Taiwanese manufacturers to their key global clients, annual reports forecasting shipments for the next five years, observations on crucial technologies, and the supply chain for components. This assists in a comprehensive understanding of the server industry's pulse and trends
Research Scope
  • Quarterly server production, sales tracking, and outlook
  • 5-year server shipment forecast
  • Next year's server shipment outlook (global overall, Taiwanese manufacturers)
  • AI Server technological trends and market development
  • Dynamics of HPC/AI Server key components (processors, cooling solutions, etc.)
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The Server Database is an exhaustive tool, offering data concerning server shipments, encompassing sub-categories such as: global server shipments, contract manufacturing shipments, customer shipments, and server shipments from Taiwanese manufacturers, along with their respective market shares. This database furnishes invaluable market insights, supporting strategic decision-making for server manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
IC Manufacturing
IC Manufacturing report is highly acclaimed for its in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the semiconductor industry. We provide reliable insights from within the semiconductor supply chain to help you stay updated on the latest developments in the semiconductor field. Through our subscription service, you can continuously track various critical aspects of the semiconductor industry, including wafer fabrication, testing, and packaging, market trends, and specific product insights. It serves as your comprehensive guide in this complex industry.

Additionally, we offer detailed analyses of capital and production capacity developments, complemented by powerful data tracking tools designed to significantly enhance your business intelligence capabilities. Combining our forward-looking market trend predictions with insightful research reports, this service is the perfect tool for professionals navigating the intricacies of the semiconductor industry.
Research Scope
  • Dynamic of IC manufacturing capacity in China
  • Quarterly reports on Taiwan's wafer foundry industry
  • Annual outlook and review of China's wafer foundry industry
  • Observations from semiconductor exhibitions in China
  • Semiconductor policies in Southeast Asia and India
  • Global packaging and testing industry dynamics and outlook
  • 5-year global wafer foundry outlook
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The IC Manufacturing Database provides data on global semiconductor production value, wafer fab production value, market share by region, revenue of top global wafer fabs, and relevant data categorized by process, region, application, and company. It also includes production value data for OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) companies in global, Taiwan, and China markets.

Additionally, the database covers semiconductor trade volumes in Taiwan, South Korea, and China, offering concise insights into semiconductor industry production value, market share, and trade activities.
IDM & Fabless
The IDM & Fabless Report provides professionals with an in-depth analysis and a comprehensive perspective on the competition in the IC design industry between Taiwan and China, and the market for China’s smartphone application processor (AP) chips. The report covers a wide range of topics, from a review and outlook of the global semiconductor market and trends in mobile AP shipments, to the global strategic layout of major IDM companies.

Of particular importance, the report not only thoroughly explores China's new developments in the AI chip sector but also conducts a deep analysis of Taiwan's IC design industry, including revenue, sub-domain highlights, and its global positioning. Furthermore, through the "China IC Design Dynamic Exhibition Observation," it provides real-time insights into China's IC design industry. In this rapidly changing and highly specialized IC market environment, this report ensures that you have the most up-to-date and accurate strategic analysis tool.
Research Scope
  • Review and outlook of the global semiconductor market
  • Quarterly forecasts of mobile phone AP chip shipments
  • Total revenue, sub-domains, recent comparisons, highlights, and global proportions of Taiwan's IC design industry
  • Global strategic layout of IDM companies: Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, and Southeast Asia
  • Observation of the competitive situation of IC design companies between Taiwan and China
  • Tracking the developments in China's AI chip industry and major players
  • Observation of trends in China's IC design industry
Add-On Services
The Fabless database is an invaluable resource tailored for industry experts, delivering essential insights into the IC design landscape. We provide comprehensive data spanning the global, Taiwanese, and Chinese markets.

Our global data includes the global IC design production value categorized by application domains, revenue and revenue distribution of the top ten IC design companies. Taiwanese data comprises the production value of IC design in Taiwan and its proportion in the Greater China region, unveiling the aggregate and individual revenues of the top ten IC design corporations, alongside their production value allocation in Taiwan. Chinese data includes the production value of IC design in China and its proportion in the Greater China region. It also includes AP shipment data in China, segmented by applications, suppliers, smartphone processors, basebands, WCDMA, LTE, 5G, architecture, and suppliers.
The AIoT report delves deep into the ever-evolving landscape of the popular AI, IoT, IPC, and edge computing markets and products. Offering a detailed breakdown, the report uncovers major global and emerging market trends, focusing on the application scenarios across sectors such as smart transportation, smart manufacturing, and smart healthcare.

The emphasis is on the strategic analysis of key players in the field, featuring individual analyses of major Asian manufacturers. We further delve into individual market opportunities and tailored solutions, highlighting the importance of critical hardware devices and components. The report doesn't merely present trends; it identifies and discusses pivotal components and the supply chain, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for the readers.
Research Scope
  • Smart transportation solutions and case studies, market trends
  • AI application solutions and case studies in Taiwan's smart healthcare sector, market trends
  • Industrial robot market and applications of AI technology
  • Dynamics and strategies of IPC manufacturers in Taiwan
  • AI product strategies of cloud providers in China and opportunities for Taiwanese AI hardware manufacturers
  • Analysis of the Chinese AI hardware ecosystem
  • Trends in IoT development for cloud providers
  • Key supply chains for edge computing and trends in the edge cloud market
The Notebooks report provides in-depth research and analysis into the market, technology, and supply chain of notebook computers, offering invaluable insights into this industry. Notably, Taiwanese ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) play a pivotal role, contributing to approximately 80% of the global notebook shipments.

This report extensively examines the notebook industry in Taiwan, meticulously tracking key manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus, and HP. It encompasses a wide spectrum of competitive product lineups, spanning from commercial to gaming notebooks. Additionally, the report conducts thorough analyses of notebook shipments based on criteria like CPU types, panel sizes, manufacturers, and brand vendors.

For your convenience, the report offers both quarterly and annual updates on global and Taiwanese notebook shipments. These updates encompass comprehensive information about major participants and insightful projections. Furthermore, the report presents a detailed shipment matrix, illustrating the flow of notebook shipments from Taiwanese manufacturers to clients, complete with market share data.

Designed for professionals, our Notebooks report delivers valuable market insights for informed decision-making in the notebook industry.
Research Scope
  • Quarterly worldwide notebook shipment updates
  • Quarterly notebook shipments made from Taiwan ODMs to major global vendors
  • Monitor monthly notebook shipments and analyze the performance of the top 5 brands and top 3 ODMs.
  • 5-year outlook for the notebook industry
Add-On Services
The Notebooks database is a comprehensive and powerful resource that provides detailed data and analysis on global ICT, and notebook shipments. The database collects information on brand shipments, shipments of the top 10 brands, a comparison of shipments between the top 10 and non-top 10 brands, and data on OEM shipments. In the database, you can access shipment data for different brands, allowing you to understand their market share and competitive landscape. Additionally, the database provides data on brand differentiation, indicating which brands use their own branding and which brands utilize white-label production. Whether you are a market researcher, entrepreneur, or industry professional, the Notebooks database is a comprehensive resource that enables you to gain deep insights into the trends, performance, and competitive landscape of the global notebook markets.
Smart Devices
The Smart Devices report provides a comprehensive tracking service for the global and China smartphone industries. This service delves deep into market supply and demand, observing the roles of device companies as brand vendors domestically and ODM/EMS players internationally. Reports encompass shipment volumes of major global vendors, shipment statistics and forecasts for global and China brands, and domestic and international sales ratios of key China vendors.

Moreover, emphasis is placed on the development of 5G smartphone products by primary manufacturers, the evolution of crucial components’ technology and supply chains, and the analysis of flagship models in the market. The exploration extends to smartphone markets in China and India, tracking changes in production bases in the mobile industry chain. This wide-ranging research scope covers the various factors influencing China’s smartphone shipment volumes, including the subscription numbers of major China telecom operators and factors affecting the industry’s shipments. Given that China is one of the largest smartphone markets globally, its market trends and supply chain shifts significantly impact the worldwide smartphone landscape. To provide a robust understanding and tracking of these changes, the service offers quarterly reports with the latest shipment data and trends, tracking domestic demand, shipments of local and international brands, and overall shipments of China vendors to domestic and international markets.

The service encapsulates quarterly reports and an annual report, with the latter covering the status of the global smartphone market over the past years, a shipment forecast for the next five years, and an imminent year's shipment breakdown analysis. This comprehensive service aims to ensure customers are fully abreast of the latest developments in the smartphone market.
Research Scope
  • Quarterly production and sales of China smartphone brands in China's market
  • Details on factors affecting smartphone shipments to China.
  • China smartphone industry's shipments by player and export volumes.
  • Quarterly smartphone shipments to the China market, including volumes from international first-tier vendors such as Apple and Samsung and China-based major vendors
  • Annual and 5 years smartphones outlook
  • Quarterly global smartphone shipments and breakdown by players
  • AI on Smartphone
Add-On Services
The Mobile Devices and Applications database covers three main categories: Handset Shipments, China Handset Shipments, and Tablet Shipments. The first category focuses on global handset shipments and provides data on the percentage of smartphone shipments, 5G smartphone shipments, platform-specific smartphone shipments, brand shipments, shipments from Taiwanese manufacturers, and their market share. The second category focuses on Chinese companies' smartphone shipments and provides data on their global market share, shipments by different companies, export volume and ratio, domestic market shipments, and the ratio of Chinese to international companies. The third category focuses on tablet shipments, including brand differentiation, platform differentiation, size differentiation, brand shipments, shipments from major brands, OEM shipments, and major OEM factory shipments.
Vehicle Tech
Delve into an in-depth report capturing the latest trends and advancements in the electric vehicle industry of both the global stage and Taiwan. The Vehicle Tech Report conducts a thorough exploration of the latest strides in global electric vehicles, interlacing this with historical data to predict the trajectories of charging stations, batteries, vehicle assembly, and EV tech in Taiwan.

Additionally, our comprehensive case studies allow for a detailed examination of key industry participants and their supply chain strategies, shedding light on every facet from HMI technology to worldwide EV sales. As the EV market continues its surge, mastering its intricate dynamics and tech innovations is pivotal for informed decision-making. With DIGITIMES Research, you're provided with an all-encompassing market research report, positioning you at the vanguard of the industry.
Research Scope
  • Regional Market Analysis: A profound exploration of EV and charging station market sizes across key regions
  • Trade Show Insights: From CES to Taiwan's Electric Vehicle Show, we unveil the latest tech innovations and trends from exhibitions
  • Automotive CIS and Supply Chain Trends: Detailed analysis of the dynamics of automotive CIS players and their supply chain developments
  • Taiwan Market Perspective: Comprehensive insights into major Taiwanese players' product and tech strategies, from charging stations and visual recognition to smart cockpits
  • SDV Business Model Exploration: Delve into the business models, evolution, and success stories of SDVs
  • Global Strategies: Analyzing the Mexican automotive industry and Taiwanese companies' strategic placements therein
  • Cutting-edge Tech Analysis: Explore generative AI applications in smart cockpits and advancements in automotive millimeter-wave radar
Add-On Services
The Vehicle Tech Database offers extensive coverage of sales data for global and regional electric cars, electric two-wheelers, and automobiles. This includes sales figures from major manufacturers like Tesla and BYD, as well as revenue information from leading automotive producers such as Toyota and Volkswagen. Detailed revenue data from major suppliers, including Magna and Valeo, are also encompassed. For emerging markets like India and the ASEAN region, the database provides specialized sales analyses. Furthermore, it showcases electric two-wheeler sales data globally and in India, as well as motorcycle sales figures for India and the ASEAN region.
Asia Supply Chain
In light of global developments, the landscape of technology manufacturing has shifted from China to other Asian nations, resulting in a growing reliance on the Asian supply chain for global technology manufacturing. The recognition of the criticality of Asia's supply chain framework is no longer a consideration for the future; it's an immediate imperative.

The Asia Supply Chain report focuses on the operational strategies and positioning of Asian manufacturing and primary enterprises. This research report delves into the production clusters within Asia's electronics manufacturing sector and analyzes foundational investment conditions. With a particular emphasis on the emerging ASEAN and South Asian regions, the study explores the industry impacts and evolving trends stemming from initiatives like "Make in India" and developments within ASEAN.
Research Scope
  • Electronics Manufacturing in Asia: A detailed analysis of production clusters in the electronics sector across Asia, particularly in key ASEAN nations like India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia
  • Make in India Exploration: An in-depth investigation into mobile manufacturing clusters in India and the implications of the "Make in India" initiative
  • Japanese Electronics in ASEAN & South Asia: A comprehensive review of the strategic orientations of Japanese electronics players in the ASEAN and South Asian regions
  • Chinese EMS in Asia: An analysis of the strategies, facility layouts, and spotlight on major firms among China's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers in Asia
  • Taiwan's Electronics Titans in ASEAN & South Asia: An examination of the strategic outlays of the prominent "Big Five" Taiwanese electronics conglomerates in the ASEAN and South Asian domains
  • Additional Insights: A comprehensive overview of related policies, human resource considerations, and nuanced analyses relevant to Asia's supply chain dynamics
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