Tech Innovation Excellence Award
The Tech Innovation Excellence Award (TIE Award) is a contest organized by the Taiwan government, hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The Tech Innovation Excellence Award (TIE Award) 2023, focusing on two topics of "Semiconductor Applications" and "Net-Zero Emissions" this year, has selected 12 outstanding innovative technologies from 29 countries, a total of 171 technologies.

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Wednesday 27 September 2023
No incineration, no pollution! TSGC Technologies develops solar panel recycling equipment to realize recycling and reuse
Countries around the world are promoting renewable energy, for which solar power accounts for over half of green electricity. However, solar panels have a service life of less than...
Monday 25 September 2023
Thumbshape AI power sensor! The Green Energy & Environment Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute develops low cost energy measurement solution
Energy conservation has become an important trend to achieve the goal of net zero emissions in 2050, and companies are all actively measuring their energy consumption. A power meter...
Monday 18 September 2023
Chain Reaction co-develops with Taiwanese suppliers first fully homomorphic encryption chip for holy grail of cloud computing
Chain Reaction, an Israel-based startup founded in 2019, is leveraging Taiwan's cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing capability to build a privacy processor chip using a privacy...
Friday 15 September 2023
Pioneering new treatments for brain tumors and epilepsy! The NaviFUS System developed by NaviFUS Corp.
The NaviFUS System developed by NaviFUS Corp. has shown great potential to treat recurrent glioblastoma multiforme and epilepsy, which both lack effective therapies. There are approximately...
Friday 15 September 2023
NEUCHIPS: Becoming a prominent provider of AI accelerators and a key player in the AI ASIC market
The defeat of the world go champion by artificial intelligence (AI) program AlphaGo took the world by surprise. Since then, AI applications have expanded and concordantly large-scale...
Friday 15 September 2023
CryoDesalination's low-cost, highly sustainable solution to purify seawater won the top prize of 2023 TIE Awards
Climate change has shaken the world. Taiwan as an island is no exception and has been stricken with rising heat, abnormal weather patterns, and drought. In the last two years, Taiwan...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Maxeda Technology: utilizing AI technology to optimize chip layout design, enhancing chip design efficiency and performance
With the rapid development of various digital innovations such as Generative AI, the demand for high-performance chips in the market has surged dramatically, leading to increased...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Entomal Biotech pitches novel way of processing food waste into a healthy protein source
Entomal Biotech is bringing a new, sustainable way of processing food waste to the table. It has come up with an idea of circling food waste from the kitchen, home, to the dump and...
Wednesday 13 September 2023
Xiphera implements cryptographic algorithms on FPGAs and ASICs
Xiphera, founded in 2017 by Matti Tommiska and Kimmo Jarvinen, has designed hardware-based cryptographic algorithms that can be implemented directly on Field Programmable Gate Arrays...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Watasumi turns sugar from waste water into power for primary food producers in Asia
Okinawa-based startup Watasumi is utilizing its biological technological expertise to convert organic carbon from waste water into energy through bioelectrochemical systems (BES)...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Thermalytica sees potential of high-end insulation materials for corporate ESG and consumer products
Thermalytica, a spin-off startup from Japan's National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), has developed an ultra-low density and lightweight silica-based thermal insulation material...
Monday 11 September 2023
Blumind targets sustainability in the chip industry, seeking long-term partnership with Taiwan
Blumind is pitching a farsighted approach of neural network processing using an all-analog architecture for AI applications to be more sustainable in the future. The company has completed...