Friday 28 June 2024
Notebook shipment update, May 2024
Thanks to robust Chromebook demand from North America's education procurement sector, the global top-5 notebook brands, not including Apple, saw combined notebook shipments rise over 20% on month in May.
Tuesday 11 June 2024
AI PCs and architectures
DIGITIMES Research observes that on-device large-scale AI model inference is determined not only by the computing performance of xPU, but also by model compression and memory bandwidth all of which will affect the inference performance of AI PCs.
Friday 24 May 2024
Notebook shipment update, April 2024
With many negative factors continuing to haunt global notebook demand and a high comparison base in March, the global top-5 notebook brands' shipments went down 30% on month in April.
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Taiwan notebooks, 1Q 2024
Global notebook shipments made a around 5% sequential decline in the fourth quarter of 2023 before enjoying a minor increase in the first quarter of 2024 thanks primarily to robust orders from the eduction procurement sector
Friday 29 March 2024
Notebook shipment update, February 2024
After a decline in January volumes, the global top-5 brand saw their combined shipments pick up from a month ago and also a year ago.
Thursday 29 February 2024
Notebook shipment update, January 2024
Global top-5 notebook brands saw their combined shipments plummet sharply from a month ago in January 2024 as the slow season kicked in and the global economy remains deeply influenced by negative factors.
Friday 2 February 2024
Taiwan notebooks, 4Q 2023
Global notebook shipments to suffer another 5% decline in 1Q24 after an almost 6% sequential drop in 4Q23.
Wednesday 27 December 2023
Notebook shipment update, November 2023
The global top-5 notebook brands not including Apple saw their combined shipments in November rise 10% from October, while those of the top-3 ODMs also enjoyed growth at a similar level.
Wednesday 27 December 2023
Global tablet market, 3Q 2023
Global tablet shipments went up nearly 10% from a quarter ago to reach around 31 million units in the third quarter of 2023, thanks partly to robust seasonal demand.
Friday 1 December 2023
Taiwan notebooks, 3Q 2023
Global notebook shipments enjoyed a further resumption in the third quarter of 2023, but will fall sequentially in the fourth quarter.
Wednesday 29 November 2023
Notebook shipment update, October 2023
The global top-5 notebook brands not including Apple saw their combined shipments decelerate on month in October, while the top-3 ODMs also suffered the same decline rate in their combined shipments.
Friday 6 October 2023
Global notebook shipment forecast, 2024 and beyond
Global notebook shipments are likely to expand by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% from 2023 to 2028.